Chapter 1

The Pain

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When I first started my blog, it was just a safe place for me to say all that I was feeling and express the pain I was going through without being bombarded with questions, without having to be pitied or judge by people and moreover it was just a space that kept me going and at peace when everything in my life felt like it was crumbling or falling apart.

The pain that I am currently feeling reliving these moments of my life feels just as painful as when it all happened.

It still brings me to tears and the memories still puts me in a depressive state. It is that feeling that brings fear of wanting to disappear from this earth or that the earth would open and just take me in. It is that memory of pain that brings back clouds of darkness, bitterness and anger in my life and a feeling of resentment and prolonged agony. It is a very painful and agonizing place in my life called my past.

I remember, like it was yesterday, the memories never fade with time, neither did my scars heal with time, it only got worst. The wounds were so deep it took years to reach near healing. I came from a past that is so dark, unveiling it will cause me a lot of pain and hurt.

It is somewhere no one would like to go and it’s the first time in 15 years that I will be opening about the darkest years of my life. I will be addressing things no one has ever heard me talk about. I will be unveiling secrets only I knew existed. This may be the hardest task I have ever had to do by sharing my story how I overcame the greatest pain of all to live again after it nearly cost my life.

When darkness grows inside of you it is not easy to let it out…

Stay tuned to hear how my story unfolds. Follow me so when the story is out it goes straight to your email.

Part 2 July 24th

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