It is Only your Landing!!!!!!!

Hello Zk Family! It is Friday and I want to leave an encouragement going into the weekend.

Today, while I was walking to get my inspection done as I would do on a normal Friday morning. As I was walking up the stairs it dawned on me that life is like a stairway with each step representing a journey or a milestone in our lives. It can also be said that most of us may share a similar design, but others have different design and sometimes based on the design it will take you a longer time to reach where you are going but it does not mean you won’t get to your destination.

Sometimes based on the design you may walk up a few stairs but there is a landing. A landing is basically what connects two stairs. So, after walking up the first set of steps you would eventually reach on a landing and please note that everyone will not have this design. Some stairs are designed without a landing.

Sometimes when we reach the landing we either stop, look at the journey ahead of us or look back where we are coming from and sometimes reaching that landing can be a deciding factor whether we want to continue or whether we want to go back down those stairs because sometimes we are tired, sometimes when we look at the amount of steps to climb we are wondering if it’s really worth it or why don’t we ask someone to go get it even though we know what’s beyond the stairs we need it.

The thing about a landing is that it is the space between where you are going and where your coming from and most times for people who are climbing stairs especially for people like me who is unfit, it gives us an opportunity to rest and to think and reflect.  I know for me when I climb a few stairs and I am tired I would hold on to the Guard rail and I would look where I am coming from and where I am going and there are times many times you will say to yourself and those persons watching on “A nuff step dat mi climb up enuh” and then comes “mi tired”.

However, do not be downhearted when you’re at your landing its just your resting place. It may seem easier to turn back than to keep going. Note however, that just because you are at the landing does not mean it’s over. It is not the best place to be  because you have not reach your destination but it’s a resting space to revive and give you the strength you need to go on . Yes! you may have your doubts, you may be too angry or too hurt to keep going and at times you may wonder what’s the sense but as long as you stay on that landing there is hope to keep climbing on a step every day. The aim is to get to the destination no matter how long it takes.

Let’s put things into everyday perspective. You had a plan that when you reach a certain age you should have accomplish a degree, get married and have a home and a car but right now you realize you have not accomplish any of that and you have pass 30. You have been putting in the work and you feel you have failed and now you’re at a place where you don’t know what to do. Situations are making you bitter and apart of you is saying its better to just go back to who you were. You don’t see the need to go on because of the many obstacles you are faced with. But this is just your landing or what we would call your cross road. If you apply the right mindset while you are on the landing, when you start climbing it’s impossible to stop going and if you reach another landing you will know exactly what to do.

So, don’t be discouraged when you have reach a place in your life where you are unsure or uncertain. Use that time to heal if that’s what you need to do, apply a different strategy if that’s what you need to, spend time with yourself if you need to, cry if you need to, let go people or things if you need to, draft a different plan if you need to just ensure when you’re done. The only other way is up, and don’t you look back unless your admiring the view from the top.

In encouraging you I am encouraging myself because I am on my Landing currently, but I am using that time to let go of things, heal from some things and most importantly find time for myself.

My four words coming into 2021 is Selfcare, strength, miracles and breakthrough what’s yours?

Leave it down in the comment section below and thank you for reading!

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