Don’t be discouraged by the route of you Journey

Hello ZK Family its Monday January 25, 2021. A wonderful day to rejoice and be Glad amidst all that is happening around us. Today I want to share with you another encouragement as you go throughout the day!

As I was at church one Sunday and I was worshipping a memory just flooded my mind and an overwhelming feeling of guilt just overcame me and I began to cry. I felt defeated, I felt disappointed in myself and I felt hurt and I felt rejected and for a minute there I hated the person I was, or I became, and I began to cry and ask God to forgive me.

As the days went by even though I prayed I found that I was losing a piece of myself every day. I became more and more depressed because the guilt was feeding on my inside and the voices in my head allowed me to feel worthless, unwanted and unloved and I remember I was at work and I was praying and the words of the song by Donnette Thompson Hall “Anoint me one more time” came to me and the tears began to flow and it brought me back to the Bible when Samson disobeyed God and told Delilah that His strength lied in his hair and Delilah cut his hair and when she said to him Samson the philistine is upon us and he got up there was no strength in him and He was held captive by the Philistines where they removed His eyes but Samson in all that pain cried out to God and ask him to Strengthen him one more time and God heard Samson.

It got me thinking that most times we disobey God and we walk out of His will things will begin to happen to us but if we ask God to strengthen us or forgive us then he will hear and answer our prayer.

I have fallen down many times on this faith journey but each time I do I get up and I start over again and believe me it’s hard because of so many pain and hurt that never healed and so many rejections and disappointments, so many fights but day by day I ask God to help me not to allow what others to have done causes me to harbor hatred. Many people wrote me off before they even got to know me. People hated me for no reason and there are a lot of times I would ask God what have I done?

Sometimes It allows me to think that I am a mistake and that there is no purpose on this earth for me but whether we realize it or not we deserve to be here and when we fall Let’s not stay down. Let’s get up and ask God to strengthen us one more time. Its not how you start but rather how you finish. Do not be discourage about the route of your journey if it takes you to your Final destination.


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