“The woman in Me”(note to Self)

Happy International women’s Day to all the wonderful women out there whether your contribution to this life is at home, in your community, parish, city or on an international or Global stage. Women of valour and dignity I salute you!

 Yesterday was celebrated as International women’s day and I believe everything in life begins with you as an individual. What do I mean? I mean in order for you to show love you have to first love yourself and I believe as a woman if you are going to appreciate and highlight women on any platform you first have to appreciate the woman in you and as I was thinking about this I thought about the letter I wrote to myself some years ago and I have always come in contact with the letter and each time I read that letter I get emotional ! So today before highlighting a few good women in my family and work life I want to send a message to the woman in me.

Dear Self

You are my first love, I know many times I have not truly convey the way I feel about you has a person, but I first want to say I love you so much and I am proud of the woman you have become. I have watched you overcome so many obstacles and rise above some many challenges. I have watched you overcome so many odds that were against you. No one could ever do the things that you do.

 I know your journey has not been easy, I have watch you cry yourself countless of times to sleep but get up every day with such finesse and power to take on the world. I have watched you thought of yourself as unworthy and undeserving of life as you struggled in your early years. I have watched you tell yourself you were not good enough because you were put down by others and cast aside. I have watched you question your very existence, but you are more than what you even realize. You are beautiful inside out, you are strong and kind and loving and compassionate, your existence is no mistake. You are a beautiful soul…. woman of God, you are blessed, your presence makes a difference in so many lives.  

 I watched you cared for so many people even when you’re not at your best or have the resources to do so but for the smiles you placed on people faces is all that you work for. A woman who has lost more than she gain, given more than she has received, loved more than she has been loved but your heart has remained genuine in everything.

 I have watched you make your mistakes, beat yourself up over and over about it, unable to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made but I want to tell you strong woman its ok to make mistakes, but it is not ok to live in those mistakes for the rest of your life. I know you may not be as proud of yourself as I am of you because you’re not at the place that you think you should be, but I have always told you that nothing ever happens before the time. I just want you to know (self) that I am your biggest cheer leader and your closest confidant. You will always have a friend in me and you will always rise about the situation that you think cripples you.

You are such a bright light and whether you realize it or not you are my hope too because in times of disappointment and despair I choose to sit, relax my mind by looking back at the distance I have travelled in time

I am counting on you to be the best in life, experience the good things, step out of your comfort zone and its ok to try new things sometimes. Go buy that dress and try it if you like! Take that photo you want to but you’re afraid of doing! Date that guy you like but do so wisely as I know you always do or fight for what you want its ok to care about you too! Its ok to be happy for you too, its ok to just want the best for yourself too.

I just don’t want at the end of the day you have no regrets its better you tried and failed but never fail to try my darling self. If any a time you ever doubt yourself, or just need reassurance just speak to me and I will remind you about the woman in you.

To a beautiful woman! Keep strong, keep sweet! Keep been you!

Happy International women’s day! Stay tune for this week as I share with you the inspirational women in my life….

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