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The Importance of self-value

Hello true Adventures! It is Friday and I am thankful to be here to leave an encouragement going into the weekend. Today I want to share on the importance of Self value from my experience. I woke up from my sleep with a burning question lingering in my thoughts and that is Do you know […]

Be Careful of your words

Hello my adventurers! Today’s encouragement to you! I was on my way to work one day when someone said something to me that really hurt. I spent the entire day crying and for some reason I did not understand why, normally I am not easily affected by negativity. My entire day and night was ruined, […]

“The woman in Me”(note to Self)

Happy International women’s Day to all the wonderful women out there whether your contribution to this life is at home, in your community, parish, city or on an international or Global stage. Women of valour and dignity I salute you!  Yesterday was celebrated as International women’s day and I believe everything in life begins with […]

Perfectly Flawed

        Perfection is what we hope in our minds would be our reality, but it certainly isn’t because we are flawed in every aspect of our lives but perfectly flawed.       There are always somethings in our life that we would love to be perfect especially when Society dictates what a beautiful woman or a […]

Broken and Suffering in Silence

The Silence, The hidden tears, the pain, the fake smiles. Telling myself it is ok that whatever I am going through for the last 15 years of my life that I will get through it.  The sleepless nights have become worst, the headaches and the pains. My mind has known no rest, my entire being […]

Don’t be discouraged by the route of you Journey

Hello ZK Family its Monday January 25, 2021. A wonderful day to rejoice and be Glad amidst all that is happening around us. Today I want to share with you another encouragement as you go throughout the day! As I was at church one Sunday and I was worshipping a memory just flooded my mind […]

It is Only your Landing!!!!!!!

Hello Zk Family! It is Friday and I want to leave an encouragement going into the weekend. Today, while I was walking to get my inspection done as I would do on a normal Friday morning. As I was walking up the stairs it dawned on me that life is like a stairway with each […]

My Goodbye

Happy New year to all those who have been reading and supporting my blog. This would be my first post for the year. I know with the Corona outbreak alot of us are going through difficult times but I just want to remind someone today that you are not alone. It’s been a difficult season […]

“My Life to come shall be greater than My former Life”

Have you ever felt like you did not have a place on the earth? Have you felt like you did not belong? because everything in your life, everything you touch and everything you try to achieve has ended in shambles ?You question your existence and your purpose and you even have the audacity to say […]

Chapter 3- The After Effect

After the secret was finally out I was taken to the police station where I had to give a statement. Many questions that I was asked was uncomfortable and foreign to me. In those times, we were not taught to love our bodies and be outspoken about anything. Stay tune for the rest of the […]


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