The Kellesa story From Tragedy to triumph!

Follow my blog to get the exclusive story of how my life came from tragedy to triumph. This will be a series of my life, from past hurts to loosing my best friend in primary school, how I overcame mental break down, depression and addiction and how I finally started to live again after many failed suicidal attempts. This series will also include how I am currently coping, the darkest moments in my life, how I overcame it and why I believe in God and choose to be a Christian. The first part of the series will be available on the 24th of July 2020. Help me get up to 100 likes and views so that I can begin to share my story. Please like, follow and share and if you have done that already Just help me to get this blog shared across the world by posting it on your facebook pages and on your insta accounts. This will be greatly appreciated.