The Importance of self-value

Hello true Adventures! It is Friday and I am thankful to be here to leave an encouragement going into the weekend. Today I want to share on the importance of Self value from my experience.

I woke up from my sleep with a burning question lingering in my thoughts and that is Do you know your worth? And while travelling to work I was really overwhelmed with this question and I started to reminisce on a day I had at counselling 3 years ago and during the conversation my counsellor said to me It’s time to re-value yourself, it’s time for you to take off the price tag and realize that you are priceless, and that line never left me.

I never loved myself, but I was so good at masking the truth everyone I met admired the woman I portrayed on the outside. To many I was strong, I was confident, I was beautiful, and I had it all together. I was admired by many. A lot of people ask me how I did it? But I guess you could call me a beautiful liar. I too wanted all that others was seeing but the truth was I was miserable, I felt incompetent, I felt ugly, I felt like a loser, I felt rejected, resented and I was bitter but most of all I felt used but I knew so well how to wear a mask when no one was looking and when there was no need to continue the charade I just lay down and I cried. I had some much anger that when it was triggered I was like a loose hungry Lion waiting to devour everything that crossed me. To me I was nothing, I was just a girl waiting to die because I thought that I was just a mistake and that my time would soon pass I was just waiting for the worst to happen. I was waiting for the world to do what it wanted with me, so I could just die.

I remember I was out on a date and on my way back home the young man looked at me and said, do you know who you are? And I don’t know what happen, but I felt His words pierced my soul and I became silent and I could feel the tears forming in my eyes and I decided to hold it until I was home. After I reached home I crawled into bed, but sleep would not come because of that 1 question that was asked, throughout the night I was miserable because I really did not know who I was. I depended on people to survive without letting them know, I drew from their strength and their positivity but all this time these people around me was drawing from me, they were emulating what they saw in me and I remember I started to look into my life and I became emotional because the pain I was going through had clouded my thoughts and my path was darkened so much that I just could not see how precious and priceless I was.

I can tell you this it was hard to reach at the place where I could glimpse a little of what others was seeing but each day I get up I speak into my life all that I am and will be. Looking back now my biggest problem has been FEAR. I have always been fearful of not been good enough, not been beautiful enough, not been right, not been accepted. I felt like I needed to hear this from others every day. I felt like the only way to know I was all this and more was from what others had to say because I did not believe it from myself. The greatest value you can give to someone is that which you exude from inside out. You first must believe it. If you believe in yourself and accept yourself what others think, say or feel about you is secondary. You must learn to value you first because no one can truly value you like you.

I know a lot of us have gone through painful situations and we feel like this is what life should be and will be for you. I know a lot of us have given up on ourselves and that we have put a price on ourselves because we believe we are not worth much but remove the price tag. The rarest things in life cannot be bought and you are a rear Gem. You are priceless and so your Tag today should say Priceless I am not for Sale, but I am for keeps.

I am not going to tell you that I have perfected Self value, but I can tell you each day God is working on me and each day I feel different. I feel revived and I feel refreshed. Each day I am getting a better understanding of my worth and my value and I am loving it!

Find yourself again… It’s their all you need to do is search and you will find